Professional Quality Website Design

• Custom High Quality Website Design
• Innovative Designs - Tailored to Your Product
• Clear and Easy to Navigate and Read
• Writing, Editing and SEO Expert

For estimate email - cenproweb@gmail.com

Cost of Site
Other website designers charge a lot to cover any possible situation the customer might throw at them.

I just charge for what I actually do. My price is $20 per hour.

    You also need:
    domain name -     $12.99/year
    website hosting - $47.88/year

These are godaddy.com prices and hosting may vary depending on how big the site will be.

So a 4 page site might cost $100 depending on how much detail is needed, plus domain name and hosting. When you want changes on the site, email me and I will make changes right away and I will charge you for the changes. If they take less than 5 minutes I don't charge anything. You will own your site so you can get someone else to take it over any time.

My websites are ideal for the small business that offers a service or has a few items for sale that can use paypal buttons. If you have a lot of items for sale, I can set you up a shopping cart site that you can maintain by adding photos and descriptions. I can show you how to maintain your own shopping cart site. Price of a shopping cart site depends on the program.

How I Create a Website
I look at the product or service you want to sell and determine the best way to present it. I gather your available information and photos. Then I put together a website page for your approval. Once we decide on the first page, all the other pages would use the same basic format for continuity.

Web Site Ideas
Look at websites you admire to decide approximately how you would like to present your product. Pictures of the company personnel might give a personal connection to the customer. Or a story of your company history might instill confidence. I can help you get some better photos or more accurate information. I can paint out photo backgrounds to emphasize the product. I can edit your information to make your message more clear.

Website Changes
I can make changes to the website within one day as I work 7 days a week. If the change only takes me 5 minutes, I do not charge.

Website Samples - click on sample to see larger image.

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Photo Montage Samples

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