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Website Design

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• Custom Website Design
• Tailored to Your Product
• Clear and Easy to Navigate
• Photoshop Expert
• Writing, Editing and SEO

How I Create a Website
I look at the product or service you want to sell and determine the best way to present it. I gather your available information and photos. Then I put together a website page for your approval.

Web Site Ideas
Look at websites you admire to decide approximately how you would like to present your product. Pictures of the company personnel might give a personal connection to the customer. Or a story of your company history might instill confidence. Better photos or more accurate information may be needed. I can paint out photo backgrounds to emphasize the product. I can edit your information to make your message more clear.

Website Samples

heavenly creations


Photo Montage Samples

photo montage - girl and clouds

photo montage - woman, castle, clouds

photo montage - ship and seascape

photo montage - bird and clouds

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